As the diamond jubilee comes up and  the Olympics the big focus is on Britain so there is a lot of fashion around at the moment with the flag on it from my opinion i think it looks nice here are i few examples:


<—a nice hand bag


<—or one for the dog


<—and some shoes


We all love to dress up if its for going out or just because you want to look nice. This time i am talking about accessories – all those things that put a outfit together. All those bags, shoes, jewellery & belts. Well I’m very fond of handbags – I have purchased 4 this week all for different outfits and 2 of them have matching purses – oh i love my my bags now; I’ve got to just use them all.

When i went to the town centre on Monday it took me 20 mins just to pick a purse to go with the bag I chose – a rucksack bag; it has lots of room and i can fit a lot in there like make up, phone and lots more.

I don’t think people (boys) understand how many bags we need; makeup kits, purses, handbags, rucksacks and more.

Now today when I went to Telford I spent a lot of money but got a lot of nice stuff – I went a bit over budget oops :-). I got 3 new bags and 2 more purses – I a got a blue and white striped side bag like and a matching purse with an encore on it. I also got a necklace to go with the whole set – it reminds me of the sales after Christmas again –

I also got a brown leather bag with checker pattern on it to go with the outfit I’d been searching for all day. Finally I got a big flowery bag that i was going to use as my school bag (but I didn’t notice the zip was broke so I nned to take it back) and also a little pink purse with lots of space that i liked.

*** UPDATE Friday 17th Feb ***
Dad told me he needed to go shopping and asked me if I wanted to go so I convinced him I needed to go back to the retail park to change the broken flowery bag and some shoes I brought that didn’t fit properly. Everything sorted but after I dragged dad round all the shops again I still couldn’t find a tan leather jacket I liked so when we got home, on to the computer I went and finally found one on eBay 🙂 🙂


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